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How to tell if the betta is Male or Female?

Julie - the best way to tell is if you can see a small white dot under her belly this is her ovipositor, from where a female dicharges the eggs - Oct 25, 2001
bettasx - Usually the case is that you can tell from male or female by the ovipositor, stripes, and the size of the mouth and the head of the betta. Females tend to have smaller sharper heads and males with larger wider broader mouths and a larger head. This is from my experiences. Sometime ago I had a female that looked like a male, but I knew she was female due to these clues. - Oct 22, 2000 (10:06 PM)
Hans - If the Betta is still young before the body color develops, you can check the stomach against a back-light whether it has a "cone" portion extended from the stomach area toward the back. This is the "egg-bag" which if found only in the female internals. Compare some of your young bettas as see what I meant! BTW, some male betta shows the little white "egg" spot as well, and may not be the definate clue to tell them apart. - Oct 24, 2000 link
Dyna - From the many fish I have raised, I have never had a fish who displayed verticle bars turn out male, but that is not to say it will not happen. The best way to describe the "cone" thing is to view the fish from above after a healthy feeding. Males will show a very sharp end to the stomach area, forming a distinct ball shape. The female will taper off towards the tail, creating a teardrop effect. This is due to the egg carrying region of the fish. - Jan 10, 2001
- i learn that one 'sure' way of picking out a female is when u can positively see the egg sack within the stomach of the fish; it's like an additional 'cone' pointing extenting to the rear end of the fish from where the stomach is (compare to a male which has no 'cone'). this is where eggs will be 'stored', and the female usually develops this at 3 months++. of course, it'll be easily for you to 'see through' the stomach with some back lighting and when the fish has light body color. otherwise, it's quite impossible with dark colored fishes. with that said, i do know of some female that develops this 'egg sack' only at a later stage. - Jan 9, 2001
Debbye - I took a look at your photos of the Blue DTF and I'm inclined to say it's a female. You can tell for certain by the ovipositor (the little white 'egg' spot) that is showing in the picture. She also has the stockier build of a female with a rounder midsection where her eggs are stored. It's not unusual for some females to flare. Several of my females flare at other females intensely jealously, particularly when there's a male around. Just about all of my females also flare at males when interested, so flaring is not something that is just limited to male bettas. Females can be just as aggressive as males, I've found. So, my opinion is it's a female by the ovipositor that she demonstrates in the photos, as well as your description of the vertical striping she develops when excited. - Oct 18, 2000

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