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What if the male betta does not blow bubblenest?

- My betta splenden has not yet even tried blowing a bubblenest yet. What can i do to help him? - Apr 27, 2001
Hans - Try placing a female betta in a clear bottle and place it beside the tank with the male. This may induce the male betta to start building the bubblenest. - Aug 8, 2006 link
- We have had bettas that don't seem to have the brains that God gave an ant when it comes to breeding, but have learned a few things from this. (1) like everyone says, breeding takes patience; (2)some bettas won't breed no matter what you try.. I don't know if it could be a genetic defect, hormonal defect, or just whatever. Animals are designed to breed. That's what their natural instincts tell them. The only thing I can think of as to why a betta would not breed (and I tried to put myself into his position !LOL), was that something was just not right, i.e., water conditions, environmental conditions, habitat conditions, mood, etc. Unless you have the patience to try to re-arrange the tank to try to find this individual's perfect love nest, it's best not to even bother. But I also found out (3) that sometimes they will breed later. Whether this has to do with maturity or what, I don't know. But we have found out that some that would willingly breed at 4 months, won't breed past 6-8. Others won't breed until 6-8, even more until older. I can't figure out why... I'm not a fishie brain doc... but you sometimes have to keep trying, especially if it's one pair you really want to mate. The funny thing is... we had a yellow pair that refused to mate for us. We tried for months... no go. Finally, we sold them to two different people... they both bred for them, with new mates! Go figure! Maybe they didn't like the blind dates we set up for them! Oh, well... - Oct 26, 2000
Donna - Not all males will build a big bubblenest; many of mine don't start on a nest until there are eggs to go in it! - Jan 28, 2001
- Personally I have found the younger the male the better breeder. I have spawned a few 3 months old betta and got large spawns and they have been fantastic during the whole process. - Oct 26, 2000
Hans - Also, some male do it "along the way" only when a female is introduced and during mating. I've even read that some spawn do well with just THREE miser bubbles, and the eggs managed to float till it hatched! hehe.. Also, it's not 100% necessary to wait for a nest to be built before mating a pair (correct me if I'm wrong) - just do the usual conditioning (food, introduce) and get the pair together; with a little luck, sometimes lives will just find its way... - Jan 4, 2001
- F.p. If you have two pairs your trying breed at the same time you can put the tanks close so they can see each other and so the males know that theirs conniption. Only for a few minutes a day. You can also get a mirror so he thinks he see onther betta. IT takes them alot of time to realize it's only them selves. - Jun 12, 2001
Kenny Poh - I tend to think that the quality of the mucous coat by the betta determines if the bubble breaks easily or not. The more viscous the mucous coating is, the greater is the surface tension of the bubble and thus they can hold up better. - Feb 19, 2001
- If we have a drop in atmospheric pressure they almost always spawn the next day. If there is a high pressure system in the area it may take a few days. If I'm in a hurry I use bernouli's principle and place a fan blowing directly over the aquarium cover. The moving air effectly lowers the pressure in the aquarium just enough to simulate a storm outside. Sounds kooky, but I've gotten several skeptical breeders to try it and to their surprise it works. The reason is that bettas seem to be triggered to breed by a weather change -- signaled to them by a drop in barometric pressure. I should mention that this only works if you've done everything else correctly as you apparently have from your account. - Oct 26, 2000
Darren - some can build one (or a real good start ) in a few hours. and then i have had males that won't build one untill a female is in the tank with him, and then some males won't build one at all they blow the nest while spawning and putting eggs in the bubbles as they are laid. if you are trying to spawn and the male has not done anything after the female has been introduced in a jar go ahead and release her after 24 hours spawning may happen anyway. - Jan 4, 2001
- I just realized another thing that helps!!! I put my betta Sapphire in a 1-gallon bowl that has so many accents and stuff on the outside that no one can see in or out (except from the top), giving much security and privacy. - Oct 26, 2000
sgfbettas - Make sure you don't get any cool drafts of air over the breeding tank, that will destroy the bubble nest. Some people use plastic wrap, or plexiglass covers, or aquarium hoods with the light on. Also, I used rainwater (soft, low pH) for my first spawn. You can transfer bubbles from another male's good bubble nest. I had to change not only the pair I tried first, but then switch females. Then the first male ate the eggs. It can be frustrating...but I think that patience is the most important factor, if you have everything else right. I kept temp at 80 degrees, some floating plants, sponge filter off in the tank (no air bubbles to break up the nest). My boys all make the best bubble nests when terrific low pressure systems (before storms) are rolling in! I can tell the weather before the news by looking at the bowls! - Jan 27, 2001
Victor Chan - It's easier to build bubblenest in softer water. You get bubbles and lather when you use soap in soft water, but not hardwater. Tetra's Aquasafe should be useful as it has aloe vera in there to help recovery of bettas. This aloe vera component also makes a lot of bubbles if you are mixing in water from the tap. - Feb 19, 2001
- I introduced 2 very aggressive plakat male into the respective breeding tanks (2nd time already). The splendens and plakat males went at each other and started to shred fins (didn't let things go this far the first time, only flaring was allowed), but ultimately the biting must had trigger the need to spawn. Immediately after removing the plakat males and upon returning my attention back to the male splendens...guess what!!! They both had wrapped their respective females!!! Go figure!!! - Oct 26, 2000
- I got some bettas that weren't even building the nests. But then, six months later they got into it. I wonder if the problem is age? - Oct 26, 2000
- I have many times before had the same problem. I then gave up and removed the female, only to wake up to a huge bubble nest. So I would reccomend removing the female when they really get into eachother. - Oct 26, 2000
Julie - another great tip from Julie, if your male won't breed, try to make his jelous by placing another males jar up to the breeding tank. (or let him see his reflection) this has worked many times for me. good luck!! - Oct 25, 2001
- If you have another male you can also take part of his nest scooped up in a spoon and put in the breeding tank, this encourages nest building. - Sep 24, 2001
- I agree that younger males & females makes better breeders. My plakats are bred anywhere between 3 to 4 months of age and have never failed to have a successful spawn. In my recent experiences, long fins are an obstacle to successful spawning. I have seen bettas with such long anal and caudal that it prohibits the male to wrap around the female's body. - Oct 26, 2000

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