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Does adding dry leaves helps?

Fish_bite_lao - It's always the case. I'm sure old wise people have been laughed at for chewing on willow bark. Little did science know that the aspirin in the bark would be the most universal pain killer known to man. To this day, they still don't know how exactly aspirin works. I say if it works for many people use it, regardless. - Nov 25, 2000
BettaGod - I came across many posts on Banana leafs. A lot of information have been said on the subject, but one question I noticed that has not been answered. "Does banana leafs raise or lower ph levels"? On my web site: I talk (or will talk and publish) research that has been done and collected on Bettas. Currenlty I am doing a experiment on Banana Leafs and Ph levels. I invite all of the club members to stop by and comment on my study. - Nov 25, 2000

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