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When do I feed the fry after hatching?

betta5 - If they look like they have round bellies, they probably are eating the worms. My experience is that young fry will float or at least rest, at the surface when they are full. If the fry are not full they will either be swimming around or searching the bottom for food. If you really cannot tell, hatch baby brine shrimp. There little bellies are bright orange when they consume the little orange creatures. Free swimming is when the fry can maintain their balance horizontally in the water. If they are vertical then they are not free swimming. - Dec 25, 2000
Hans - Some breeders start feeding them live food like micro-worms or baby brimp shrimps as soon as the fry are "free swimming". I would suggest using micro-worms as they survive in fresh water longer (2-3 days) as compared to baby brime shrimps which need salt water. That means that the micro-worms will be there for any fry that is big enough to eat them in the following few days after hatching. And the fact that micro-worms does not die as quickly mean that the water will not be polluted so soon. - Dec 25, 2000
Michelle M. - Feeding the fry when they are "free swimming" means to feed them microworms after they've absorbed their yolk-sac and can thus remain horizontal in the water (whether they're swimming around or not). They'll be pretty clueless about the microworms on the bottom for a little while, but they'll catch on. - Dec 25, 2000

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