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why do I keep wanting to feed my betta

T.S. - It's a natural instinct to feed your pets. You wouldn't want them to die and be a waste of your money. People buy pets with longevity in mind. Its also barbaric to let an animal suffer by not feeding them. You don't have to feed them all the fancy waste of money stuff people on this site are trying to use, though. Just try common freeze dried bloodworms or frozen brine shrimp or the typical color enhancer. - Jun 7, 2001
JJ - Is it because you know that you\'ve rescued your betta from \"forced\" fasting in the pet store and want to give him as much warmth as possible by feeding him continuously? That\'s my theory because I have a tendency to do it but control myself from doing it. - Apr 27, 2002
A.M. - Thank you for such great advice T.S. - Jun 1, 2001

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