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What is the difference between Liquidfry No.1 and No.2 ?

ahmerb - liquifry is not needed at all for bettas. 99% of so called "infusoria" cultures are pure bacteria and just a pollution source for the tank. liquifry is supposed to work by feeding the infusoria in the tank, basically by dropping a lot of crap into it. you could accomplish the same thing by dropping a wad of algae from another tank into it. Besides that, if you completely skip liquifry, infusoria, etc., the water stays cleaner and all of the babies live just fine and can eat microworms and bbs within days. So my advice is save your time and money by not using liquifry for bettas. - Jan 26, 2001
T.S. - I think No 1 is one of the best things to feed fry. It formed tiny worms on the side of the tank that the betta fry that we have love. They're about a month old and they've grown fast on No 1. - Jun 1, 2001
- IS these TRUE? - Aug 25, 2001
- No 2 is for feeding live born frys like guppies/mollies' fries. No 2 probably has nutrients the live born need to pass the critical stage and is bigger in size. No 1 is for egg-layers' frys, you can use it to feed betta frys, especially during the first few days where other forms of food like baby brine shrimp and microworms may be too big for the fry's mouth. - Oct 26, 2000

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