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I have Betta-Bio-Gold food , it\'s little tiny balls of food how much should i feed my betta? The lady at the pet store said that feed it 3 little balls every morning when i do my betta goes up and eats the food like he\'s been very hungry should i feed him more? Please answer.....I NEED TO KNOW!!!...

- Well if your betta is REALLY hungry then you can feel free to feed it 1 or 2 more of the pellets , The lady at the pet store is right 3 pellets in the morning is enough. You say that your beeta comes up quickly to eat , it\'s ok he/she is just hungry and remember betta\'s do eat like pigs! ;) - Aug 12, 2002
- from what ive herd from pet owners is that only feed your fish as many pellets as it will eat in 5-10 min wich is about 2-3 pellets.:) - Aug 14, 2002

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