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How to keep tubifex worms alive longer?

myron - Hi, actually if you follow the LFSs they actually have very little water such that the tubifex are almost exposed to the air or very near the surface. survival rate is very high , but you have to experiment with the water level yourself to see what i mean. this is for keeping the worms for feeding, not putting into the tank , by the way. - Nov 14, 2000
Peter - Wash the tubifex once or twice a day. Keep them in a tight lid in the fridge, and they will stay very clean and survive longer. This way, they can last for one week without much problem. - Nov 13, 2000
b_splendens - I keep them in a flat plastic box in the refrigerator. Put enough water in the box to barely cover the bulk of the worms. The refrigeration lowers their oxygen requirment, and the shallow water helps them obtain more oxygen too. To keep then for an extended period of time....add a slice of potato to the worm mass. They apparenly feed from the starch. Every day (and I mean every day!) flood the worms with clean cold water from the tap....allow them to settle and pour off the water..repeat a couple of times. The final time lower he water so it just covers the mass and replace in the fridge. - Jan 20, 2001
Hans - I saw fish shops pumping a lot of air into a pail of tubifex worms to keep them alive. Also, I heard that they eat fish droppings... - Nov 13, 2000

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