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dt X dt

caroline - Well, I'd definitly breed st & dt together not only does it cause deformitys but look at your dt their spines are more curved, and the body is short and stubby if not it's in their genes. Now if you breed dt's together you find the spines are wicked curved or they're wicked short bettas and other such back problems, and then they have swim bladder (or other diseases) and its not good. I'd say mate the dt male with a nice st female and a dt female with an st male, then breed an st, and dt cross from the spawns. it may not be fun but I wouldnt chance deformed fry.... plus shorter bodies makes a harder wrap for spawning. Some breeders get away with a dtxdt cross, I wouldnt chance it but its all matter of opinon I could be wrong but that my 2 cents.... - Jan 16, 2001
Sean - >> Am I correct in assuming that a DT geno x DT geno cross instead of phenotypes avoids the short bodied offspring?

I would tend to think that body length may be controlled by multi-factor inheritance, just as in the distribution of spread iridocytes and the distribution of red. In either of those two cases, inheritance is thought of as "continuous". For simplification, it is usually thought of as being controlled by several pairs of allelles for the same set of genes. For example, suppose red is controlled by 3 pairs. The symbol for extended red is 'R' and normal red '+'. Then a betta with pairs of genes for red (R/R R/R +/+) will tend to be more red than a betta with the following genes for red, (R/R +/+ +/+). So I guess what I'm saying is maybe body length behaves similarly. Since body length is more than likely genetic, perhaps it's also controlled by several pairs of genes. Maybe 'sb' for short body length and '+' for normal body length. Where sb would be thought of as recessive to normal. Anyway, since body length seems to respond to selection. The closeness of relation may not matter as much as the actual shape of the bodies of the pair selected. This is really all in theory for me. So take it as such. Thoughts anyone?

p.s. Perhaps number of rays on the dorsal follows the same theory as above, since ST/dt's tend to have more dorsal rays than ST/ST's. It's also not uncommon to see dt's from ST crosses with fewer rays on the dorsal. - Jan 19, 2001

Donna - if your two dt bettas are not related, you may want to give it a try, even though it's not usually recommended. I've done this once myself, with some really nice offspring. But there were more short bodies and bent spines, etc., than usual, so be prepared to destroy a bunch if this does happen. From now on when I want dt offspring I plan to cross a dt with a st carrying dt ... I get better spines that way. - Jan 16, 2001
Mike - I was told that I should't breed a dt to a dt because it causes many deformalities. Yet another breeder told me that it was okay as long as I didn't inbreed them without introducing ST in the bloodline. That he just did a spawn of dtxdt and all were fine. - Jan 16, 2001
Angie - Also, dt x's dt can cause swim bladder disorder. This is where the betta has trouble staying at the bottom of jar..he/she tends to float to top and sometimes even gets pulled to it's side. Plus as Briantu mentioned..short bodies. Who really wants dwarfed bettas? I will breed a dt to a st..then next generation..use two single tails. You will still get a nice percentage of dt's since both parents should have carried the gene. Dt's are nice to use in your lines..because they carry a wider dorsal fin. But I wouldn't recommend breeding two dt's together when you can get the same result using st's that carry the gene. - Jan 19, 2001
Pembroke Pines - DT*DT= 100% Dt's but the body is short and stocky They don't very good, I have a few of those. DT+ST(DT geno)=(recommended) 50% DT better bodies - Jan 19, 2001

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