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Reds and Yellows

Sean - Using yellows to get rid of red wash may do more harm than good. Most yellows carry genes for extended red and non-red. The non-red gene inhibits red development, and the result is yellow. Breeders often use reds in their yellow lines because it has a tendency to increase the intensity of the yellow color. Also, reds and yellows are bred for reduced iridescsence. By introducing yellow to remove the red in iridescent lines, you are inadvertedly introducing even more red genes than you had before into your stock. You are also introducing blood lines with low iridescence, which may reduce the intensity of the blue/green coverage. So in your first generation, you will probably get more red than you planned for with this cross. Granted, second generation will have some non-red's, but then you'll have the problem of reducing yellow coverage where the red was. Given the above, the most sensible way to reduce red is to increase the iridescent coverage through selection of breeders. That is, choose breeders with the minimum amount of red. If the blue/green male is all you have to work with, spawn him with the females you have and select the best (low red distribution) from the first generation as breeders and continue in this fashion. - Jan 19, 2001

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