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Colour Questions: Red wash, iridescence, purples and yellows

Mart - (1) Of course you can get blues by spawning a pair of blue parents with red wash. but the chance that you just put them together and they will get some purely blue children is very small. you must look for the fries which are the less blue and spawn them together again. repeat this a few generations and you'll (perhaps) be lucky.... (3) The 'color' named Cambodian is not a reall color, its more correctly the missing of a color! Cambodians do not have dark pigments in their skins -like albinotic rabbits for example.. The difference is that cambodians have colored fins and dark eyes. So the normal color of a Cambodian is flesh because you can look through his skin. Okay? Hope i could help you.. - Oct 17, 2001
Betta Newbie - (1) Is it possible to produce pure blues from two blue parents with red wash? Same as for reds with iridescence. Or does it take many, many generations of selective inbreeding? (2) I've looked around betta sites and haven't heard of a purple gene being mentioned but i have seen local bettas with purple bodies, albeit with red-blue fins. Is purple a colour gene of its own or merely the result of mixing? (3) How to tell the difference between a yellow and a yellow cambodian? Along similar lines, is the body of a cambodian (traditional or otherwise) flesh-coloured or in fact yellow? - Sep 10, 2001

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