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will the color of the parents effect the color of their ofspring??????

- The Genotype of the parents will effect the colors of the offspring. For exmple: blue color is a 'mixture' of the genes for green (Bl) and steel (bl); so the geno of blue fish is -Blbl-. when you spawn two blue fish the fries will be 25%green, 50% blue and 25% steelblue. If your fish are not true-breeding (means they are bastards) you can't tell what the offspring will look like. The easiest thing are recessive traits. Recessive means that the trait will 'disappear' when you spawn your fish to another carrying a different (dominant) trait. than the fries will all look like the dominant part of his parents. So if a fish SHOWS this recessive trait you can be sure he's true-breeding. If you spawn together two fish which show the trait ALL fries will also show it!! Recessive traits are for example: Colors: cambodia (also lavender), steelblue, blond, melano(black), yellow(non-red-gene), opaque Patterns: marbles Finnage: doubletail, combtail, crowntail, delta-(halfmoon-)tail Behaviour: great aggressivity - Oct 29, 2001

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