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Another question from Linebreeding Bettas

- I read the section on linebreeding bettas and it was excellent. You have stressed that the females should come from the same line, but different litters from the males. Could you kindly clarify on that? If I have females and males that are totally unrelated but of high quality, could I use them for linebreeding? Should I follow what you have stated in the section Linebreeding bettas? Hope you could kindly revert to me as soon as possible. Thanks. - Jan 22, 2002
- I guess you need clarification between same line and same litter? As far as I understand from zlher\'s msg, same line means that you need both female from the same KIND; for example both are of marble breed. Their parents has to be different at least for one generation, and NOT the same (which will then be of same litter otherwise) As far as possible, try to get both females from different breeders who happen to has the same kind (line) of fishes. Hope this helps ;) - Jan 22, 2002

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