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How to get Black Lace strain?

- I don't know how Black Lace are produce, so no idea, but I have cross a Melano (w/o marble geno) to a Turquois female carrying Melano/Marble geno, and all offspring none-black have red-wash. However, when I cross a Melano male carrying marble geno (parent were Melano geno with Butterfly/Marble background) with the same Turquois female I mention above (it sister), then some of the offspring are quite clean. One of them is the DT Royal blue male in the contest album. Someone mention while back they prefer Black lace female over other because it produce more blacks. Black lace is a lack in the pigmint on the bottom layer. Malen is the excess. - Nov 15, 2000
Alvin - If you are really interested in getting darker blacks, try crossing them to non-irids (some examples are non-red/red non-irids) and then doing an F1 pairing. It should throw some really dark blacks, with very little irid. on the body (only about 5% of spawn). Red related lines are good to cross to, as the black and red are different versions of the same pigment cells. Also, the red allows the black to give a more solid colour esp. on the fins. However, other non-irid lines can also be used to cross to, as red related lines may give a problem by appearing as partial red wash. The thing about most people using steels to throw blacks is because steel is the "dullest" of the irid. lines, and therefore steel irid. is less noticable on melano fish. However, it doesn't remove the irid. from the fish, it only makes it less noticeable! Hope this helps. - Apr 22, 2001

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