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Patterns and Colors

Marianne - Personally I would breed finnage first, or buy finnage and then breed color. I started out breeding color first and by the time I got desired color the finnage was shocking, and I lost interest in the line. I am now doing it the other way round I have found once you have the finnage even if the color does not pan out as you expected at least you have very beautiful fish and this gives you more incentive to keep going on the line. - Jan 11, 2001
fraylar - I had read and heard that finnage was the stronger gene, so adding color to finnage would be easier than the other way around. - Jan 12, 2001
Leng Lim - A fish with good [fins] symmetry will not give the impression that a certain fin is too small or too big. There are colour faults on this fish but in developing a strain of fish into a desired form, finnage must take precedence over colour and once the form is locked in, the colour can then be worked on. - Jan 2, 2001
jwill_32533 - The rules for selecting for color is not the same as selecting for finnage. Rules for selection for finnage can be used for any color - select ones with branching rays in the finnage with the female being the most important of pair. Black line edges on finnage is rapid growth and will color up in due time. Red edges usually means fin rot. Color red seems to darken as they get older as compared to ... lets say the dark iridescence. To get rid of iridescence in reds is fairly hard - use almost a clear body female or maybe yellow or libi-bicolored but then you risk the body being too light for the red class in which is one of the major faults for red class according to IBC judging or class standards. - Jan 19, 2001

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