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Finage Ranking

Michelle M. - veil-tail, pin-tail, round-tail, delta, HM. That's rough. Some people prefer round-tail over delta. Combtail is a less-developed version of crowntail. I tend to think of them in a category by themselves. - Jan 13, 2001
Terry - If you by chance were a member of the IBC and read the standards and interpreted them your way then you would see that Pintails can have a place in showing. There is a lot more to judging than just looking at the tail. Yes Pintails can stand a chance, but most exhibitors, including myself like big flowing fins like HM's. You have to understand that color, size, deportment and confirmation are all a part of the mix, and yes symmetry! Hypothetically if a perfectly symetrical pintail were judged against a non-symetrical HM, the Pintail should win. And for that matter that is what happens. Also, all judges have their own system. I suggest you become a judge one day and show em whos boss by being prejudiced toward pintailed fish. Some judges hate HM's too. If you went to a show you would see that HM's don't win all the time. They don't always have the color, or several other faults. I would contest that the standards say that pintails can compete eventhough they are not the public rage. And judges don't necessarily do what the public desires either. They do the best they can just like the rest of us exhibitors. Another analogy would be that an appreciation for bettas is like learning how to appreciate different wines. You start out loving one flavor and later mature to something considered more advanced. I would say in general the IBC favors the "cultured" tails but in their wine we prefer beer. The IBC is intended for all betta hobbyists and doesn't shun the ones who experiment. Gilbert Limengo and Jude Als don't necessarily go by what everyone sees the standards saying. They reinterpret them their way and the win many classes in doing so. - Jan 13, 2001

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