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Fungus Eliminator

jwill_32533 (49/M/Pensacola, FL) - 1 tablespoon per gallon shouldn't hurt him. Some people soak them in a much stronger salt solution for 15 minutes or so. I've never done that but no longer than 15 minutes. Keep his water warm - say 85 degrees F. (= 29.4 Celsius) and change the water daily for the 5 days. Then I usually do a complete water change and still add kosher salt of about just over a tablespoon to a 2 1/2 bucket of water. Kosher salt dissolves much quicker and I use Kosher for hatching shrimp eggs with just 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salts. For hatching bbs; If ph is too low - add just alittle baking soda. 9/28/00 - Nov 24, 2000

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