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How to cure fin rot disease? hole in fin?

handd_1999 - The treatment is to spot treat infected areas with gentian violet, bought from the pharmacist. After 3 treatments twice a day and daily water changes with extra salt the fin rot should be gone. Gentian violet is used for treating mouth fungus in babies, and usually not out on the shelves. It is in liquid form - just leave the betta in a net and applied it with a clean q-tip. Waited a few seconds and put it back in water. It dyes fins, but it comes off easy. Blotted the GV...didn't wipe or rub across fins. WARNING...make sure you aren't wearing anything you care about. If they start flipping in the net the stuff goes every where... - Dec 12, 2000
Kaa - MelaFix is great and a lot easier than dabbing stuff with qtips on the poor gy's tail! A few drops in the water every day, frequent water changes, and he's as good as new. - Aug 12, 2001
Emily - I dont usually deel with Betas but I have delt with goldfishh having fin rot and because this type of infection is common in almost every type of fish treatment can be similar. Whatever you do, it should be a priority to seperate the fish from others in a hospital tank and then try to find out what first caused the infection. Fin and tail rot can be caused by injuries, previous disease that has weakend the fish, and poor water quality. Sometimes a simpil antibiotic treatment (I recomend Maracyn or maracyn 2) is all u will need after that. Remeber to keep an eye on ur fish and make sure conditions in the tank are ideal. If u do this ur fish should have a rapid recovery - Jun 22, 2001
Matthew J. - A lot of times pet-store bettas will have little holes and stuff in their fins from getting in fights with their brothers in sisters when they were growing up. I had this problem when I was keeping some females together, but I separated them and salted the water and they're both doing O.K. now. Fin rot also usually attacks the fins and tails at the edges, giving a sort of "burnt paper" look. Methylene blue is O.K. to use but I'd recommend a less extreme treatment until you know for a fact that your fish has an infection of some kind. I'd suggest putting a bit of aquarium salt in the water (about half a teaspoon per gallon) and changing half of your water every day. Also make sure you don't overfeed; betta food, in particular, tends to rot and get fungus-y amazingly quickly. If the problem DOES seem to be getting worse, then you'd best go looking for a good fin rot remedy, but if it's just a small hole and it's not growing then you needn't worry. - Dec 19, 2000
Arielle Martin - I had this same problem with my male. I found that Aquarium Salt works really well but you can put non-iodized salt in there bought from the store. It is alot cheaper. - Sep 23, 2001
JJ - Try using salt first. It\'s working great for me and prevents the onset of fungus or other diseases. I only use a small pinch though, which is less than what some people recommended. That gives me safety margin for errors. - Apr 27, 2002

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