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Cure full blown dropsy!

midicity - I've cured 2 fishes with dropsy with the following concoction all in a 3 LITRE CONTAINER:

1) 1/4 teaspoon Epsom salt
2) 1/8 teaspoon Aquarium Salt
3) Interpet No 5 General Tonic
4) Interpet No 9 Anti Internal Bacteria (supposed to work for dropsy as well)

Continue treatment for up to 3 weeks, changing water every 3rd day. Please do not use a net that you use to catch other fishes as it is very contagious. I use a small styrofoam cup to scoop the fish out - Feb 19, 2001

sjadams2000 - depending where she is in the stage of dropsy I have used maracyn2 & fungus eliminator and my red male lived through the early stage of dropsy and has gotten better, otherwise pray for the best as there have been rumors that fungus clear, and fungus eliminator (both by JUNGLE) have cured later stages of dropsy but no guarantee as almost 99% of fish who get dropsy and go through a later stage of it die - Feb 19, 2001
Sherri - One of my fry developed dropsy. I treated her for 10 days with Maracyn and Maracyn 2 with no results. I just happened to be going through the cupboards (for a cure for the flu that's had me down for a month...UGH!) and found some Kanacyn I had bought months ago. So, I said what the heck and tried it. After 3 days of treatment, she's back to her old self! She was swollen so bad that some of her intestines were sticking out and her scales were falling off! She had swim bladder problems yesterday, right after the swelling went down, but she's swimming fine today! - Dec 15, 2000
Aquaristia - It isn't hopeless, even if his scales were sticking out. In the summer I had a tank of female bettas get dropsy, 11 of them. And although most did die, I still have 4 left. They are very active and energetic. Two of them look cured. (Although I won't say they are for sure because I don't want to risk adding them into a tank.) Also, two of these fish had their scales sticking out already.(One of them is one that looks cured:) For them I used Maracyn II, saltbaths, extremely clean water, and peas. It's probably the saltbaths and clean water that helped the most. I also have another fish that got dropsy recently, my brown male. Two weeks ago I didn't think he'd make it through the night. Now, he's eating and flaring, and isn't as bloated. (His scales were sticking out, they aren't anymore. Doesn't mean he'll recover, but he seems to be healthier) I've been using Kanacyn and saltbaths on him. If your betta isn't too weak, I'd recommend you try these two. (saltbath can be stressful, but it seems to help alot) If you use a saltbath what you do is put 4 tablespoons of epsom salts into a gallon container, and put your betta in it for 2-3 minutes, or until he looks stressed out. - Dec 29, 2000
bettagod - Here's a link that will help you out. - Jan 7, 2001 link
Michelle M. - Dropsy is a secondary symptom of another disease, not a disease unto itself. Dropsy happens when the internal organs become so damaged (or blocked) that they stop working and fill with fluid. - Jan 9, 2001

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