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Clamped Fins

phantomattheopera - My Betta had the same problem but it was only in the initial stages that i noticed it. Give the little guy salt dips. That is in 3/4th. litre of water put 1 teaspoon (not tablespoon) of aquarium salt (or ordinary salt without iodine), keep him in for about 5 minutes or till he starts struggling (jumping). Use this dip once a day and change his water once in two days (100% change is required if it is bad), one more thing if it is a 4 to 7 litre bowl add 1 teaspoon salt to it and 4 to 5 drops of Blue liquid. (Be care full dont add table salt as it contains iodine) Remember the last thing a sick fish wants is a bowl of chemicals. - Jan 8, 2001
bettasvancouver - Clamped fins are not generally a sign of dropsy, but is generally a sign of external parasites. All fish have external parasites and live very happily with them. But if water conditions become bad these parasites multiply and fish cant deal with this and they clamp up and die. Young fish will die just from the parasites but older fish just become unwell and this is where the dropsy comes in as a secondary infection. - Jan 9, 2001
Kok Onn - recently one of my betta that is brought back from thailand have such problem as well after a total water change and his body is covered is white stuff which looks like fungus, so I treated him with Tetra anti fungus and added a pinch of salt for 2 days and water change, it recovers! although his tail is still a bit clamp, but he is as lively as before.. hope this helps.. - Jan 8, 2001
Brian - True clamped finned disease usually happens after a sudden water change and the fish clamps up and stays like that for the rest of it's life. An apprentice judge told me it is caused by water chemistry. The fish may still breed but no longer can flare up. Try black water extract in the water I did it and he eventually opened his fins and was back to normal. - Jan 11, 2001
JJ - Clamped fins is usually a sign of sickness in bettas. What other symptoms do you see? If the body and fins appear to be covered with a layer of powdery stuff, then it's very likely to be velvet. If you don't see any external problems, then it could be internal, such as internal bacteria, indigestion, etc. Sometimes it can also be caused by stress, mostly due to environmental factors, such as sudden change of watewr temperature/pH, or introduction into a new tank. Sometimes male bettas clamp their fins when they are stressed by the introduction of another dominant male into it's line of sight. Different problems will give different variation of fin clamping. Sometimes clamped fins is a good indication of the onset of disease, so be extra careful when your betta starts to have or has clamped fins. - Jan 22, 2001
Renee - I'm pretty sure clamped fins is a secondary sympton, but I'm not positive. A number of illnesses could cause it. If you have a tank with a heater in it. I would put him in a jar with some salt and bettamax, if you can get that medication, if not, just the salt and let him stay in the tank for about a week. I've been doing that lately when my fish look sick, or have clamped fins, and between the heat and salt, it seems to be working. I only use other medications as a last resort. - Jan 8, 2001
Capri - Try the Aquarisol treatment daily, that should help and use Aquarium salt. - Jan 8, 2001
bettasvancouver - clamped fish are usually a sign of external parasites. I have posted info on this before but I will say again. All our fish carry external parasites and live very happily with them this is the norm. But due to bad water conditioned i.e. over feeding and not enough water changes these parasites multiply and then are harmful to your fish and if not treated will kill your fish. Coppersafe or Fluke tabs will kill the parasites. If it is an adult fish and he is still eating and active I would go the coppersafe route if he is really sick and very clamped then use the fluke tabs. This is a very powerful medication and DO NOT OVER DOSE on both of them. - Jan 11, 2001

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