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Splitting Tail Fins?

rhinoivory - I keep my male in a community tank and after 2 days his tail split. I was stabbing myself trying to find the answer. I even resorted to thinking it was a weird type of fin rot. However the answer was that the current from the filter was too much for him to handle. Every time he got in the way of the current he split a fin. Believe me, it is not any parasite or anything so dont worry at all. If you have an undergravel filter reduce the flow of air. If you have an internal power filter relocate it as not to come in contact with your fish. If he is kept away from the outlets, he should start growing a membrane overnight and by a week his fin should be like new. - Jan 11, 2001
wlee - You can use methylene blue or salt in water, if possible use new water which declorinated, do full water change every day. - Oct 23, 2000
bettasx - If it is not bad yet, just keep in mind that a daily water change with some start right, or stress coat will help. Use any type of dechlorinator that will aid in the slime coat, dechlorinate the water, and neutralizes metals. If it is already getting bad, then medicines such as bettamax will really help. Bettamax has always proven to work for me within the first few days. - Oct 23, 2000
some smart guy - If you have, remove all other fishes, live shrimps, etc. from the same tank! The fins rot may due to stress or bitten by other creatures. Do not place any other fish together with your Betta no matter how lonely it may seem. - Oct 23, 2000

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