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Fish emergency...

- He might be restless, or bored. Put a mirror up in front of him for about 15 minutes. Be sure to remove the mirror after 15 minutes because he can tire himself out. If this does not help, add Bettamax.(Find at your LPSLocal Pet Store) - Jun 15, 2001
- may be he is itching...and has fungus infection. check if you see any white stuff hanging off his body/ mouth. - Sep 21, 2001
ILBASSO - My Betta "Sharky" seems to be very nervous and swimms at the backside of the tank (among the bigger waterplants)up and down...all day long...with no rest...! Does anybody know what kind of sicknes my fish has and how to cure it...? Thank you for your time! - Jan 26, 2001

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