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Mouth fungus

Misty - I bought a poor pitiful betta from Walmart with mouth fungus. Half of his face was rotting away. I used Maracyn with Maracyn 2, and it went away and began to heal. It has been almost a year now and he is a very happy healthy little guy, living with one of my friends. Occassionaly, when he gets stressed, you can see a pale scar from the fungus damage, but other than that he is perfectly fine. Hope this helps! - Feb 18, 2001
- I use a cotton swab and dab it on the fungus. - Sep 23, 2001
Kenny Poh - Mouth fungus, or fungal infection in fish for that matter, is usually a secondary infection. This means that this comes about becos of other primary infection like bacterial, viral or protozoan. Traunatic injury is also a common cause of fungal infection. Besides salt treatment, you can also try methylene blue, potassium permanganate. - Feb 18, 2001
JJ - I used to have this problem loooong time ago when life tubifex was still part of their diet. Those times, I always try to use table salt as a cure. I'll sprinkle generous amounts of table salt right on the fungused spot, maybe two or three sprinkles each time. Try to get the salt to reach the infected area. Sometimes the fungus will literally drop off! I'm not sure if this is the best cure, but you can try it and see if it works. If you had not been using live food, maybe you need to do more water changes. : ) - Feb 18, 2001

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