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My betta doesn't eat much, tried changing it's diet but doesn't seem to work. Plus, it jes sulks on the bottom of the tank most of the time...

Arielle Martin - I receantly learned that a bettas stomach is actually the size of it's eye. Maybe you are feeding him too much. There could also be a chance that he is sick. Try putting a mirror on the side of the tank to see if he perks up a bit. If he doesn't he is probably sick. - Sep 23, 2001
- When I brought my betta home, he wouldn't eat a thing-- I actually bought seven different kinds of food for him before he started eating regularly! He won't eat flaked food, or pellet food, or shrimp... he'll eat plankton but not the heads or the tails. The only things he really loves to eat are bloodworms. Picky little bugger... maybe you should try another flavor of food? - Oct 29, 2001

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