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If your Betta has color loss or if frightened...

bettasx - The best thing to do if your betta ever has color loss or is frightened in a fight or by people, then you have to take care and separate it from the rest of your bettas. The first thing I recommend you doing is taking the betta and seeing if it has a disease or not. You can tell if it has a disease by looking at the color on its body, if it looks filmy and pale, its most likely a disease bothering it. Also if it is breathing really hard with its gills taking very deep breaths. Most healthy bettas will not take deep slow breaths. Well if the body seems to be just pale and it is acting normal, but still has color loss, then this is when separation takes place. Take your betta in clean water and a clean jar and stick it in a pantry or closet wherever it will be the quietest. You could stick banana leaves in there also but how many of us carry that with us all the time :( Well in the next healing process, you probably shouldn't feed the bettas for at least one day until it gets used to the darkness. Make sure the spot is cool also, about 65-75 degrees. If it is hot he might have a lack of oxygen wherever he may be. Make sure no air or breeze is reaching the betta and keep a top on it also to make sure of it. Feed it after the first day and everyday from there on. After about a week and a half, if you don't see his color coming back to normal then something is severely wrong with the betta. Check up on the betta as rarely as possible. Give it time to have to itself and recooperate. Don't worry about the betta not being able to see the food that you give it. They have a sense of smell so they would be able to sniff out the food that is given to them. Best of luck with this method of color regaining. - Oct 25, 2000
Sean Madriaga - If the color is lost, I usually put him in a little contanier that the betta came in and put him in a bucket and cover the top of the bucket. Make sure it is dark and so he will feel alone and get healthier. - Sep 4, 2001

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