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I have bought several bettas in the last year or so. All have met the same fate. After less than a week of having them..I find them dead..pale and covered in a nasty film all over their body. I keep them in small round fish filter. I treat the water with a few drops of NovAqua consitioner and skin coating. The first two fish did not have the water treated with anything...the last two did. But all four died in the same way! What am I don't wrong? It seems a really painful way to die..they start off so bright and beautiful only to grow sluggish and pale:( Please help!

- Do you change water regularly? In this very small bowls You have to do this every second day! Use aged water or conditioner (so this was right how u did it) Do not overfeed! The food roting in the water makes nitrate-levels rise to the sky and will soon kill your Betta! Make sure that it\'s warm enough for your pet. Bettas can stand lower temperatures but if they are not used to, or if they are very \'good\' fish-like CT- they won\'t. - Oct 29, 2001
- This happened to me with one of my females. I found out she was oxygen deprived. Make sure you give them air to breathe. They do breathe atmospheric air. - Nov 18, 2001

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