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I have had my betta for eight months now, and he has been fine up untill last week. I noticed that he has been sinking to the bottom of his bowl (that he shares with two neons) and he won't even come up to eat. I noticed that he has white spots under his mouth, and a little ways down his belly. I have no idea what's wrong with him, and I hope somehow, I can cure him. Yesterday, I took him out if the big bowl, and put him back in the little bowl that I got him in, hoping that he would come up toeat, because there is much less water in there, but no such luck. He just lies there.

mart - hallo there, the small white dots show that your fish has 'Ich'! seperate him in a bowl (so far u did well) and treat the water with 2-4mg Methylene-Blue per litre. also trea the neons in their tank like this if u don't wan5t them to get ill. GOOD LUCK - Nov 3, 2001
Someone - can use aquarisol or quickcure. His ich will go away within a few days if treated correctly. Also turn the temperature up to 80-85 degrees for your fish if your neons can handle it. I heard they die in hot water, but I never bought them because it's always sold out. Good Luck! - Nov 10, 2001

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