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My fish has a bit of white around his eye and then some grey/whitish discoloration on his head and a bit on his body. Originally I thought it was fungus, but now I think it may be ick. Which illness does this sound like? I want to medicate as soon as possible.

Jim - Well, it\'s certainly not ick. If you didn\'t already know, ick looks like grains of salt and doesn\'t appear in masses. My betta has the same symptoms, but he acts normal and happy. It\'s benign for now, but I\'m afraid it could be potentially harmful if it worsens. I\'ve found all sorts of people saying that any problem with the eyes it popeye -- buy his eyes aren\'t swollen, they\'ve just got white rings around them. I\'ve treated him with antifungal meds (neutroflavine and victoria green -- \"fungus cure\" by aquarium pharmaceuticals) in conjunction with aquarisol (cupric sulfate), but that hasn\'t worked. My guess is that it\'s some strain of columnaris bacteria. Try penecillin, ampicillin (aka ampicillex by Aquatronics), arithnemycin, or kanamycin (Kanacyn) if you\'re really desparate -- it\'s strong stuff and a last resort for me. As always, be sure to give a full dose of the antibiotic or you\'ll just make the strain more resistant and harder to treat for others, render the antibiotic useless, and risk reinfection. If the full treatment (usu. 5 days) is insufficient, wait a day or two and repeat. - Apr 21, 2002

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