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What treatment or medicine is best to counter or prevent fin rot?

- banana leaves are good for fish with torn up fins. i have used them several times with good results. just let the water turn the color of tea and leave the fish for a while. - Nov 14, 2000
Jyh Jian - As IatFai had stressed, clean water is best for prevention of fin rot (and many other diseases in general), and methylene blue is suitable for treating it. Also, depending on the cause of fin rot (which is usually secondary reaction due to some other diseases/problems), you have to identify and treat the actual problem also. - Nov 13, 2000
Kaa - MELA FIX A few drops in the water every day, frequent water changes (read directions on pkg) and he's a good as new. The cheap, easy, safe, non-stressful (for the fish) way to cure til/fin rot. - Aug 12, 2001
iatfai - fin rot can be caused after a fight, breeding, or fin-nipping fishes having a meal out of your betta. in fin rot, the fin and ray tissue becomes opaque, blood streaked and eaten away. some books say its important to catch this source of erosion before it reach the fin's base, leading to the fish's death. now, if fin rot ever occurs in my bettas. this is what i do. but its very seldom that such a thing happens. in fact, it only happened once. change the water. clean water is important. then add a bit of salt. and let the fish's immune system do the job. haha. not much of a problem huh? i do not use chemicals unless neccesary. my friend taught me this. haha. so i advise you not to use chemiclas unless neccesary. just in case you need medication, go look for it in any well- stocked LFS. hope this helps. oh, miss something. to prevent it from happening in the first place. once again, clean water, and secondly, add a bit of salt everytime you change water. hope it helps you. all the best! - Nov 13, 2000

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