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How long do betta's live?

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  1. I have bought several bettas in the last year or so. All have met the same fate. After less than a week of having them..I find them dead..pale and covered in a nasty film all over their body. I keep them in small round fish filter. I treat the water with a few drops of NovAqua consitioner and skin coating. The first two fish did not have the water treated with anything...the last two did. But all four died in the same way! What am I don't wrong? It seems a really painful way to die..they start off so bright and beautiful only to grow sluggish and pale:( Please help! (3 ans, 4295 views)
  2. My betta fries has stunt growth, why is this so? I've been feeding them well. (2 ans, 2789 views)
  3. My Betta isn't as lively as he used to be and he's starting to become grayish in color. I heard changing the water would be helpful, but I'm afraid the temperature and water condition change may harm him. Is there a way to do this without giving him a "shock to the system?" (2 ans, 1926 views)
  4. My betta won't eat the betta bio gold i feed him. He ate it before. What's wrong?????? (3 ans, 1535 views)
  5. My betta is very inactive. He floats at the top of the tank, doesn't eat and only moves when something scares him. What is wrong with him? (No answer yet!, 1391 views)

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