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How to keep the rays of crown-tails healthy?

Jet - The beauty of a crown tail is the protruding rays from its fins and tail, that is uniqueness of this species. I found that the protruding rays from crown tail may be broken or damaged easily after sometime eventhough there is no sand in the tank. One likely possibility, is bettas like to rest on the bottom of the tank and the weight of the body exterted onto the bottom rays could have been the cause. If not rested at the correct angle, the rays may be broken. Once the rays are broken, the value of the fish drop. Are there any tips to prevent this from happening? - Nov 15, 2000
Goh - My combtails & crowntails are kept in bare bottom containers & I have not suffered any broken tails so far, except a bit of curls due to poor water condition - I think I should do partial water changes frequently rather than total water change every 3-4 weeks. That's very lazy of me. In fact 3 of them were kept in cages (we call it "betta guard") attached to my goldfish tanks - this is not a good idea because there are some small openings at the bottom of the cages for betta poohs to drop & whenever the bettas rest at the bottom of the cage, the goldfish will nibble at the bettas' fins that protrude out of the cage. - Nov 15, 2000
Mark - The curling up of fins occurs when the water condition is too different. Meaning when changing water or adding water, the conditions change too much too suddenly. The fins start to curl. I noticed that reds seems to be especially prone to this. Try to change only part of the water at a time. Perhaps only up to 50% for delicate bettas. - Jan 16, 2001
iatfai - the curl rays might have been caused by what you say, poor water condition. do partial water changes. the number of times you have to do depends on the size of your container. but it should not have been fin rot or external infection. never heard of them causing rays to curl. but there might be a possibility. finrot have been discussed before. please do look for its symptoms. the fins and ray tissue becomes opaque, blood streaked and seems eaten away. fin rot can also be caused by fin-nipping fish, thats if you keep your betta in a community tank. if not, watch out for poor water conditions. i don't know much about external infection though. - Nov 25, 2000

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