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Subject Posts  Started By  Last Post 
  HEATER?? Stef  11/24/2004 02:30AM 
Last Post by Andrew.
  HELP!! New tank, w/ light, betta fights reflection Stef  11/24/2004 02:28AM 
Last Post by Andrew.
  LOOK! Algae works great! Andrew.  11/23/2004 12:43PM 
Last Post by Andrew.
  popeye mark kim  11/21/2004 10:07AM 
Last Post by Chili
  Yellowish Growth/Angry...what's wrong w/my fish???? mich  11/12/2004 12:17PM 
Last Post by mich
  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mark kim  11/09/2004 05:14PM 
Last Post by mark kim
  Scared? Shay  10/18/2004 05:57AM 
Last Post by Mr.Madriaga
  Whats wrong with my fish? claudio  10/03/2004 08:32PM 
Last Post by claudio
  What about water quality? Leng Lim  10/01/2004 01:35AM 
Last Post by shlee
  betta STILL sick! katie  09/10/2004 11:28PM 
Last Post by kinhluan-Vietnam
  Hi all Tjin  09/09/2004 08:35PM 
Last Post by Tjin
  ich on a fish thats taking care of newly hatched fry!wat to do! monique  09/05/2004 09:04AM 
Last Post by monique
  Fin torn nashnut  08/20/2004 03:54AM 
Last Post by nashnut
  Watch out for Dual betta hex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Goto Page: 12 23  unknown  08/19/2004 06:47AM 
Last Post by nashnut
  my new fish is sick am i using the right medication??? jaclyn  08/17/2004 11:25AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
  Throwing up Betta died... :"( Tolga  08/17/2004 11:20AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
  lazy fish?? Deyanira  08/17/2004 11:19AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
  My betta is very inactive. He floats at the ... Unknown  08/17/2004 11:15AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
  Betta is acting wierd Brandyn  08/17/2004 11:14AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
  Fish Fins Alison  08/17/2004 11:07AM 
Last Post by Mermaiden
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