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  What is the bubble nest for? (+ more) Miranda  05/27/2005 07:08AM 
Last Post by Ernie
  how long do bettas get Zak Keating  05/27/2005 02:04AM 
Last Post by Kate
  What other fish can live with no filter Zak Keating  05/24/2005 12:15PM 
Last Post by ----------
  GOING ON VACTION...NEED ADVICE. le026  05/24/2005 07:30AM 
Last Post by Mike
  Swimming Motions briggs81  05/12/2005 03:20AM 
Last Post by Ernie
  do bettas... Eman  05/12/2005 03:04AM 
Last Post by Ernie
  How long does it take for my Betta to like me??? Ben  05/11/2005 11:59AM 
Last Post by Ben
  Clicking Noise then Gasping for Air JG  05/03/2005 08:24AM 
Last Post by Mindy
  Why do my pet bettas nibble on my fingers? 12  ronjermeyforpres  05/03/2005 08:08AM 
Last Post by Mindy
  To entertain Betta    Goto Page: 12 36  Rachel  04/26/2005 11:42PM 
Last Post by Kate
  Everybody Read !!!! 15  Timis  04/25/2005 06:17AM 
Last Post by Angela MacLeod
  Is power air pump necessary? le026  04/23/2005 07:15AM 
Last Post by Kate
  male and female Zak Keating  04/02/2005 03:27AM 
Last Post by Kate
  FEMALE COMMUNITY TANK 16  c0ldfish  04/02/2005 03:23AM 
Last Post by Kate
  Dual tank Mike  03/29/2005 02:05PM 
Last Post by me
  Male or Female 10  Dewane  03/18/2005 12:09AM 
Last Post by chickapea
  cg78lopol halley  02/22/2005 11:59AM 
Last Post by halley
  betta going crazy halley  02/22/2005 11:58AM 
Last Post by halley
  Filthy Pet Stores! 12  bettafriend  02/19/2005 03:40PM 
Last Post by amanda
  Cleaning the Tank Larissa  02/17/2005 12:23PM 
Last Post by mike
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